Pro-Tech-tive Fruit & Vegetable Mat

Tired of bruising your profits?? Pro-Tech TUFF Skin padded fruit & vegetable matting provides a soft landing area under the conveyor or dump container.


  • Soft, padded landing for fruits & vegetables
  • Smooth, easily wiped clean, sealed surface
  • Very tough yet giving top that is not easily punctured
  • The underlayment sponge is a high quality extruded NBR closed cell sponge. The protective top surface is a poly urethane coating, which is applied hot at Pro-Tech Mats Industries, Inc to eliminate any chance of de-lamination that similar products may have


  • Immediate increase in revenues due to fewer lost or damaged products!
  • Cuts down on noise in the workplace
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Custom sizes available (with extended lead time)


Part Number WeightSize
PTSFGM542534111 lbs 48” x 50’ x 3/4” thick
PTSFGM54251275 lbs48” x 50’ x 1/2” thick
PTSFGM54253857 lbs48” x 50’ x 3/8” thick
PTSFGM54251438 lbs48” x 50’ x 1/4” thick

* Custom shapes & sizes available. Contact your sales rep for a quote